Cindy and Sugar's Story

Sugar is a sensitive girl.

She was and is the sweetest, most loving soul at home…and yet just 4 months ago she would react to anything and everything that went past her house.  

On walks she lunged and pulled to get to other dogs…she was never overly vocal, but believe me, she didn’t have good intentions.  

When she attacked another dog whilst on a leash walk, Sugar’s guardian Cindy knew that this couldn’t continue.  

Her sweet sweet girl was thoroughly stressed out.  

Cindy didn’t know what to do. She’d had a lovely trainer local to her that had helped tremendously, but both the family and the trainer were out of their depth.  

Thankfully Cindy’s friend had seen a previous Calmer Canines Masterclass of mine back in February, and told her about me and my work.  

Cindy got in touch, and we worked through my 10 week Calmer Canines Mastery programme together.  

We’re thousands of miles apart, and that didn’t matter. In fact it helped, because over video I get to see what Sugar is like in her everyday home environment without visitors there.  

We built Sugar’s confidence and curiosity, we slowed down her thinking and got her amygdala out of the way, so that she can properly assess the dangers for herself and make better decisions.  

We took the exact same steps that I take you through in this course, and...

Sugar has gone from a dog that reacted to something as small as a new bucket in her yard, to being able to watch a huge garden makeover project from the deck, complete with diggers!    

I'm so proud of their progress, and do you know what? You can have this with your dog too!


This course is NOT for you if your dog has bitten a dog or human that needed treatment (get in touch for 121 training instead).

Eileen and Emmett

I don't think of Stephie as a dog trainer. I think of her as a relationship fixer, a behavior interpreter, a teacher, the world's best body language reader, bar none, especially since she's doing all these things over zoom, you tube videos and through the client's eyes She is an advocate for both dog and person. My 6 year old dobie and I were in her shouty, barky dog class. She is available for questions, and gives you the time to clarify the info and let it sink in, so you can adjust it for a better fit to your dog. She wants to see you both succeed, to the point that she had to teach me about zooming and you tube. Her dog Mickle is very lucky to have her and thank you Mickle for sharing her. She will do all in her power to help you with your dog, and all the effort will be well worth it. I recommend her highly.

Ken, Jane and Bly

We initially booked one of the free sessions Stephie runs to give us an idea of what is covered on the full course This is our first very reactive dog. Stephie was great on the initial session giving good insight on why dogs react & tips on how to help deal with their reactivity. This is a 10 week course & you will need to put the effort in to get best results. I like that there are weekly catch-ups with others in the group & the groups are small. It's nice having other people who understand what you're going through with a reactive dog. Although this is a 10 week course you can work at your own pace & set your own goals. You can go back to sections & keep going over the training material. We have noticed a big difference with our dog Bly over the 10 weeks. He's more relaxed when walking & I now have tools that help me notice his stress levels before he explodes. We've changed the way we feed & exercise him. Stephie makes the training sessions fun & interesting It helps having decent broadband for the weekly zoom sessions uploading videos.

Vicky, Stuart and Oscar

Stephie's unique training did exactly what she advertises - a calmer canine.  Oscar is a rescue dog and came with some unwanted behaviours.  By following Stephie's training, we were able to help Oscar slow down his thought process, which in turn helped to slow his reaction down in each situation.  He is now able to think, process and then decide what he's going to do next.  He generally makes good choices but of course, he's not perfect and training continues.  However, we are seeing small wins on a weekly basis and we will continue to continue with the training Stephie provided.  A huge thank you from all of us.

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