Rewire Your Reactive Dog January 2021

8 weeks to a calmer canine

Rewire Your Reactive Dog is for you if:

➡️ You have a shouty barky dog

➡️ You have tried training before and it hasn't worked or you simply don't know what to do

➡️ You want to use kind and modern training that WORKS

This course is NOT for you if

❌ Your dog has bitten a dog or human that needed treatment (get in touch for 121 training instead)

 What you get:

✅  INSTANT relief from the shouting and barking

✅  A blueprint for stress free walks

✅  Develop a calm and confident partnership

✅  Increase your dog's confidence and curiosity so that your dog is in the right headspace to learn

✅  Learn how to decompress both your dog AND yourself

✅  Build trust and co-operation so that you can go for those walks together without fear

KIND and CARING teaching and support

✅  LIVE coaching every week so that you can get all of your questions answered

✅  A Coach in Your Pocket - I'm with you every step of the way


Katie and Finn

Stephie is wonderful and so knowledgeable- as soon as I spoke to her I felt immediately at ease. Stephie gives us very practical things to do each week and the training sessions are fun and focussed. Finn has made big changes so far and I can see him growing in confidence daily. Stephie takes a holistic approach and looks at all aspects of the dogs life and wellbeing, her approaches are kind and practical. We are really enjoying the process and stephie is always on hand to answer questions, I’ve had a lot of them!

Eve and Roo

Would definitely recommend, was always at the end of the phone when needed. Gives excellent advice and has given us amazing advice about crate training; our frug puppy has made so much progress. Thank you for all the reassurance, advice and answering every question we had.

Sarah and Ralph

We’ve now had 5 sessions with Steph and it’s absolutely amazing. We have a much calmer, more obedient dog. The training she has done with us has given us a much more confident caring dog. Could not recommend her enough. Thank you so much.  Her training methods are so good and easy to follow for us and our two children so the whole family is able to get involved working towards our goals for a more obedient calmer dog.

Stephie Guy

Founder and Canine Behavioural Practitioner at Thoughtful Paws Dog Training

Artist, Tutor and Writer at Stephanie Guy Artist